Strategic advice in choosing the most effective form of franchise system development. The strategy for network development is defined after the franchise audit is completed, which defines Client's needs with regard to the way his network should be developed. On this basis the network development strategy is prepared, which comprises, amont others, the following activities:

    • optimal model of organisation and management processes within planned network, definition of indispensable changes in company organisation documents which determine method of entering the markets,


    • preparation of territorial strategy development taking into consideration plans corresponding with organizational, commercial, logistic and economic capablities of the network as well as denomination of signification and potential of particular, geographical markets,


    • preparation of problems and threats matrix resulting from the previous functoning system - evaluation of accessible solutions determining the final cooperation model within the network,
    • preparation of industry analysis aimed at comparing rules governing activities of franchising systems operating in a given industry and the other elements based on the needs and specificity of functioning of a given network system,
    • preparation of SWOT analysis (Strenghts - Weaknesses, Opportunities - Threats) determining strenghts and weaknesses of the given strategy and opportunities and threats coming from a chosen method of network development in adjusting to current market conditions.


Strategic consulting together with franchising audit represent the first and the key stage of system's network development. The proper definition of network strategy makes goal achievment possible and to avoid the most frequent mistakes which consequences often decide about slow pace of developmnet and unsatisfied network functioning in years to come.