Preparation of a stategy of launching a network system to the market, direct recruitment of franchisees, verification of the candidates, selection of proper promotion and advertisement tools, public relations activities in adjustment to the needs and economic profile of the franchising system.

The implementation of a network system on market  is one of the stages of company stategy development. Prepared franchising system package is complemented with the following elements which constitute directives and directions of further activity:

  • preparation of an information brochure - document containing compendium of information about the franchising system, basic information concerning the rules of organization and functioning of the network, recruitment procedures for candidates for franchisees, offered support in establishing and functioning of an outlet,
  • preparation of recruitment documents, personal-competent profile of optimal candidate for franchisee,
  • preparation of a letter of intent which will be concluded with candidates to make a decision taking process about entering into a system more efficient and to protect business and franchisor's know-how,
  • preparation of procedure of comprehensive service of the franchisees in a form of a schedule of respective stages of dealing with a candidate for a franchisee with a use of the franchising system package.

Implementation of network systems by ARSS is done by activities which meet the needs of clients and activities connected with direct recruitment of candidates for franchisees in a given area and includes a number of operational activities, usage of posessed databases of cadidates with the support of, a specialist franchising portal run by ARSS. The selection of marketing tools is done individually and depends on clients expecations.

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