Organisation and management of the company is a very complex issue giving, through analysis of its particular elements, huge amount of data, problems and observations, which have direct influence on company efficiency and financial performance.
Often, in a case when organizational structure of the company is not ready to face challenges connected with the management of new tasks - the effect of business process analysis is the decision to outsource some of the tasks within the framework of interim management, until new management personnel is recruited, trained and entered within the framework of coaching function realisation.

Our services concernig consulting in organizaion and management processes involve the following matters:

  • construction of optimal organization structure of the enterprise capable of accomplishing the processes it performs,
  • elaboration of descriptions of particular positions in the company organisation structure and elaboration of the model of relations and dependencies between main divisions in the structure,
  • definition, modernisation and description of company organization and management processes (business process analysis - BPM),
  • preparation of dependency scheme, the matrix of identified problems and methods of preventing them,
  • consulting concerning the choice and implementation of integrated IT solutions, through project pre-implementation analysis, business procesess maping, carrying out a comparative analysis of offers, legal counselling concerning negotiations of implementation contract and monitoring of the implementation process,
  • interim management of the franchise network development, training and coaching for franchisor's employees.