Kazimiera Krawczyk


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  • manager with over 30 years of experience and a proven record of success in managing renowned Polish and international companies (including the agency system of HORTEX cocktail bars, and adidas retail franchising system)
  • founding partner and first Board President of Agency for Franchising Development (Agencja Rozwoju Franczyzy) wspólnik założyciel i pierwszy prezes zarządu Agencji Rozwoju Franczyzy
  • lecturer of the MBA program at Polish-German VIADRINA University in Frankfurt/Oder
  • wykładowca na studiach MBA polsko-niemieckiego Uniwersytetu VIADRINA we Frankfurcie n/Odrą
  • loves nature and ambitious literature
  • 1972 graduate of Warsaw School of Economics (previously called Warsaw School of Planning and Statistics)

I am an economist, a 1972 graduate (Master Diploma) of Warsaw School of Economics (back then, Warsaw School of Planning and Statistics), and over 30 years of practical experience on managerial positions in my profession. I have worked for both well-known Polish brands, such as HORTEX, Bank Gospodarki Żywnościowej (BGŻ), and Polmos, and for international concerns, such as adidas, Salomon, and Toyota.

My adventure with franchising systems started in 1977, when I worked for HORTEX, which was the first company in Poland to successfully develop its activities based on an agency system, in that case, it was a chain of famous HORTEX cocktail bars. My practical experience with franchising began in 1991, when I was CEO of adidas Poland. The company started developing a system of adidas’s sporting goods’ retail distribution based on franchising. By the year 2000, adidas Poland opened as many as 300 sales outlets, which made it both a precursor in the field of developing a professional retail system of brand sporting goods in Poland, and a pioneer in the field of successful application of franchising solutions. In the following years, on the foundations of retail system laid by adidas, multi-brand sports’ shops were opened, which, until the present moment, constitute the core of Polish retail market of brand sporting goods.

My experience of practical application of franchising in adidas provided me with a unique degree of knowledge about practical aspects of franchising solutions’ application in the economic practice of an emerging market, about the potential chances and possible dangers, and about the tested methods of solving the problems that might occur.

While working for adidas Salomon group brands, such as adidas, Salomon, Bonfire, Taylor Made, and Mavic, I had an opportunity – or, there was the necessity – to get acquainted with practical aspects of European and world standards of companies’ operation. I actively participated in the implementation of numerous international projects in the fields of organization and management, IT, human resources’ management, logistics, sales, and marketing.

The first edition of “ADI DASSLER AWARD”, adidas’s corporate prize awarded to adidas Poland in 2001 for the highest in group profitability of activities, can serve as an illustration of the company’s high quality management.

In May 2005, Agencja Rozwoju Franczyzy (The Franchising Development Agency) was established. As ARF’s Board’s President, I created and participated in the implementation of training programs for candidates for franchisors and franchisees, pioneer on the Polish market. On ARF’s behalf, I initiated working contacts with banks planning to develop a special product offer for franchising, and with The Polish Agency for Entrepreneurial Development, in order to identify the EU funds’ resources for investment subsidies available to SMEs. I am always willing to share my professional experience with university graduates working with me, and with my MBA students at VIADRINA University in Frankfurt/Oder.

I am married, have two adult children, and an absolutely marvelous granddaughter, Ola. I have never been a member of any political party; what I value highly, is professionalism and entrepreneurial spirit.